Cattle Mutilations, Still No Explanation


Cattle mutilations

During the 1970’s thousands of cattle and other livestock were discovered dead and mutilated across the nation. The strangest part, and what brought the FBI out in force to investigate was the way the animals were slaughtered; the carcasses were drained of blood, udders and genitalia were strategically removed,  and in many cases ears and inner organs removed.  In one instance a calf’s eye was taken out with detailed precision — the optic nerve cauterized at the end.  Needless to say, the mutilations brought out many different theories but with most focused on alien experimentation.  As far fetched as they alien theory might sound to some, they make more sense that the ones provided by law enforcement.

Some examples of the events and surrounding circumstances sound outlandish and may make people squeamish but there really isn’t any other way to describe them.  In one case in 2009, at a Colorado ranch, 4 calves were found with their innards gone, tongues sliced out, udders carefully removed, facial skin sliced and gone and eyes cored away.  The ground and remaining carcasses were devoid of blood, not even a single drop was found. There were no tracks surrounding the carcasses, which were found in pastures locked behind two gates and a mile from any road.  In Kansas in 1976, a cow was found with one ear, udder and rectum cut away.  Another was missing lips, tongue, part of its back and its sex organs. And yet another had the tongue cut out, along with both ears, rectum and tail removed in a circular cut. There also was a burn mark on the forehead as if the animal had been struck with something blunt.  Burn marks of this type have been reported more than once.  The FBI investigated 40 cases in the north-central part of Kansas, largely along Highway 81 in 1973.  All the animals in this string of mutilations were killed in the same pattern with their ears, tongues, genitals and udders all neatly removed. No tracks were found and the animals were drained of gallons of blood – seemingly drained before the flesh carving began.

Mutilated Cow

Animal deaths occur on a regular basis, some from predators, others from disease or injury, but animals that fall into the mutilation category have characteristics that are unnatural and unexplainable.  Usually cattle, horses, or sheep are the victims and all have a precision, surgical-like cut that completely exposes the jaw bone and teeth. The tongue and surrounding glandular tissue, genitals, and other portions of the animal are removed and gone.  Glandular tissue around the anal area is surgically removed and there is no blood.  No blood in the carcass or in the surrounding area; this is the main reason killings by predators is ruled out as the cause of death.  The cuts themselves are made with a very high level of skill and with instrumentation that isn’t common, such as a laser.  As bizarre as these sounds, the strangest part of all is the fact that there are no tracks, trails, or any other indication of anything coming near these animals – indicating they were killed by something airborne.

The number of stories grows each year as does the number of explanations and the inclusion of more and more strange evidence to the overall picture.  Evidence of high radiation levels around the animal carcasses has been found.  Scavengers or insects do not go near the carcasses, which in highly unnatural.  And of course, there are the sightings claimed to have been witnessed.  UFO’s in many forms but also black helicopters with no markings have been sighted in areas leading up to the mutilations, lending credibility to the government cover-up theories circulating.  The problem actually might be too much data, where even seasoned researchers are unable to put the facts together in an orderly manner to glean some causality.

Some of the explanations cannot be substantiated one way or another unless video of a cow or other animal could be taken during mutilation.  Some scientists have claimed that the mutilations are not mutilations at all, and they have completely natural and terrestrial origins.  They cite instances where other animals that have died from natural causes and were fed upon by a variety of scavengers.  Demonstrating that vultures, buzzards, and blowflies which tend to remove the eyes and softer internal organs first via the easiest access route – the mouth and anus as evidence and similarity.  They also claim the disappearance of the mouth, lips and genitalia may be due to dehydration. Yet, every one of the so-called scientists only provides a partial excuse for the events and most won’t go on record either way.


Regardless of the so-called explanations, most people still disregard an earthly explanation.  Not everyone is ready to claim UFO’s are doing animal experiments, but there is quite the degree of doubt.  Cases continue to surface, with several being reported in the last year.  The circumstances and similarities to the mutilations over 40 years ago are uncanny.  There are no witnesses, there is no blood at the scene, no tracks, and no pattern to the events; they just keep happening.  If aliens are among us and making visits to the ranches across America, what are the looking for?  Are the taking the organs and glands to research the pesticide levels in our animals in an attempt to understand our environment?  Perhaps a molecular review of what minerals are found in the soil and grasses and available to the animals through digestion?  A look for toxic substances?  Are they looking for a nutritional source to feed a forthcoming invasion force?  Is the blood being tested as a fertilizer or fuel source?  The questions remain unanswered but the mutilations continue.

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