Pagan Poetry

Pagan poetry are poems about ancient heroes, battles, culture, lifestyle, and any other aspect of Pagan civilizations or populations.  It is also the home of poetry about the unexplained or mysterious.

Dark Goddess


The Dark Goddess She who is bathed in darkness A Goddess, both in power and beauty She who transcends the nightscape Her ethereal energy…



  Twenty meters down One hundred thirty steps Fifty seven degrees One hundred eighty six miles It’s the second city Called the Empire of…

Raven Wisdom


The inky blackness gathers, still as a frozen pond, yet somehow moving like an angry thunderhead The air hangs heavy, with a frigid dampness…



Litha Rejoice in the light Measure the day by its length Place a hand on the warmth Fulfillment, celebration, climax The Goddess, her belly…

Searching for Faeries


With an open mind and freedom of thought Upon the wayward path I trod For seeking Faeries, ’twas my ambition Purposeful, expecting bundled fruition…

psychic vampires

Psychic Vampires


  It’s the energy that we seek Static, raw, brazenly bright Riding the lightning Charged by the sense of power   We squabble amongst…