Pagan Poetry

Pagan poetry are poems about ancient heroes, battles, culture, lifestyle, and any other aspect of Pagan civilizations or populations.  It is also the home of poetry about the unexplained or mysterious.

Black Eyed Children


The Sayers speak of urban legends Other cite a cautionary tale What to say of black eyed children… When explanation comes up empty And…

Rougarou Nights


The Acadian whispered, careful and slow Keep’a your wits, and mind your beau For da bad moon rises and da fog dips low Get…

Soul Contract


Soul Contract The idea bred false conclusions And a fateful contract Signed in blood Ancient text with ancient rite Demon summoning Lonely crossroads It…

Calliope’s Plight


Calliope whispered, Her back screaming, on fire Flesh tightening, twisting She grimaced and pulled closer A pillar and her strong grip The only things…

Building a Mystery


Building a Mystery It begins with the little things Shadows in the corner A quick glimpse and then nothing Observed, perhaps Too much uncertainty…

Lady of the Moon


The Lady of the Moon To all things, she’s attuned Always smiling And quite beguiling Looking down On the world around Her nightly journey…