Rites & Rituals

Most expressions of Paganism take place as part of a ritual, either communal or individual, but ceremonial either way. Usually these take place on Pagan holidays, full moons, or new moons, but not exclusively. Actual rituals can take on nearly any form mainly because the Pagan community has strong beliefs in following one’s own path in life. Small groups of like-minded practitioners often come together in groups to share energies and space. Rituals can take place indoors, however an outdoor setting, preferably one with a bonfire, are most common. The key thing to understand is that no ritual is “wrong,” nor “right.” Some groups or individuals choose to incorporate magickal items, such as a custom altar, magickal tools, herbs, essential oils, candles, and a protective circle; these are not requirements. The rituals found in this section are all custom written and their content goes across many different Pagan histories ranging from Celtic to Greek and everything in between. These are not “textbook” rituals and every one has been performed “live.”  Rites & rituals are an essential part of Paganism today.