Building a Mystery


Building a Mystery

It begins with the little things

Shadows in the corner

A quick glimpse and then nothing

Observed, perhaps

Too much uncertainty

And certainly not put to memory

Like a whisper in a crowd

There and then quickly dissipates

Maybe you question for a moment

Then rationalize and continue

And it continues

With objects slightly out of place

A crooked painting

Chairs that seem abandoned

Lights flash in a darkened room

Or a sudden chill in the air

Intuition is speaking

A feeling that keeps coming

Something is stirring

Something that isn’t right

Triggering defenses

Your mind now constantly moving

That newfound feeling

Gnawing ravenously

Building a mystery

No longer just on the inside

Visible now, like an open wound

Irritating confusion

The need is growing

And you begin to question

Your senses first, your sanity second

Tiny lapses in the time stream

What should have been,

Replicated with another version

Short on the how and why

But again, it’s been rationalized

Different thoughts for now

New explanations

But then you begin to realize

The other thoughts remain

One’s onerous and dark

It’s you they are coming for

Edges starting to fray

Pulling away

The hunger growing

Paranoia and accusatory

But of what accord is the wonder

Suspects in every direction

But no case in point to reference

Careful questioning

As the days continue

Evenings fading into night

More oddities in the shadows

Growth of unclaimed activities

Actionable encounters

Footfalls deep into the darkness

Too loud to pin to a dream

Scratching window on a cloudless day

The feeling of something stirring

But when and where and why

There’s a thinning happening

Blurring the distant vision

Double takes and reexamination

And the missing things

Now more important things

Searching becomes maddening

Suspicions manifesting

Eyes shifting and observing

Borderline panicking

Brow sweating, heart pounding

Vision darting, silence deafening

Madness overtaking

Ears ringing, haunted singing

Laughing becomes screaming

Fitful dreaming, broken thinking

Tearing, swearing, earth shearing

Ground shaking, everything breaking

Things corrupting, flames erupting

Evil rising, synchronizing

Head pounding, body shaking

Smoke coiling, blood boiling

Sharp stinging, barely clinging

Alarm clock ringing…

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