Broken Woman



She speaks of the past often

Rarely smiles

Reminiscing about times when things were better

Her young face

No longer youthful

Showing lines from worry

And much more


Pain in her voice

An uncomfortable silence her steady companion

Words are only words

Her best days are behind her

It’s as if she’s given up

Surrendered her future



Defensive posture

Most observers miss the way she carries herself

Eyes darting

Head down

Finding the exit in every room

Fight or flight response on high alert



Secrets locked away

A deep vault in the dark recesses of her mind

Where angels fear to tread

Hurting memories

Waiting in limbo

Ready to pounce again and again

Dark fires burning


Sabotaging her future

Her emotional fire reduced to a mere spark

Blames everyone


Melancholy and so much more

The knife edge her permanent residence

Balanced…for now



Advanced to damaged

Martyr to the cause of perpetual discomfort

Broken wings

Her angelic spirit grounded

Seeking repair

Yet fearful of the mechanic



Identity of the betrayer a mystery

Manipulation, abuse, emotional distress

Jealousy imagined


Sharing space with effrontery

Hindering everything


The burden of insecurities

Her song no longer heard

Light dim

She flinches at the unexpected touch

Heavy hands from her past

Haunting her present

Future held hostage



So many tears have fallen

Out of pain, worry, and lack of understanding

She cannot see the path anymore

A crossroad brought her here

Or so she thinks

Clouded memories


Her delicate heart still beats

Weak but not stopping

Beautifully broken

Searching for stronger arms

Someone who can carry her baggage

Repair her faith

Restore her self


Wounds can heal

Those inside take much longer

Secrets lose their power once they’re spoken

A shoulder to shed tears upon

Being held for love instead of as a prisoner

An investment in time



She waits with trepidation

Risking more pain

The light of day beckons her to step outside

Take a chance on life once again

Love will find her

Or so they say

Perhaps that day is today…


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R.J. Schwartz is an American Poet, Author, Webmaster, and owner of several websites including this one.

His complete collection of poetry, short stories, and essays on The Creative Exiles Website can be found here

Ralph also writes on HubPages

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