Blue Supermoon Ritual, August 2023 – The Glorious Energy


The blue supermoon of August 2023 will be the biggest, brightest, and closest full moon of the year. It will be at it’s peak on on August 30th, at 7:36 MST (6:36 PST, 8:36 CST, 9:36 EST). The event is quite rare, and this is the only Blue Supermoon viewing event of the decade. Previously, the last time we saw a blue supermoon was in 2018 and the next opportunity won’t come around again until January, 2037. For those who work with moon energy, this day will be auspicious and powers, to say the least.

To those curious souls wishing to know more about the terminology, a blue moon isn’t actually blue. It refers to the second full moon in a single calendar month, and it happens every two to three years. With the lunar calendar and the modern day solar calendar being disconnected, the dates of the full moons are fluid. A supermoon, on the other hand, is a scientific term which is based on the distance the moon is from the earth. Since the moon has an elliptical orbit, it’s distance varies; there are times when it is closer (perigee) and times when it is further away (apogee). To be deemed a supermoon, the full moon must occur during the perigee period. The result of a supermoon is stunning, as it appears in the night sky, much larger than typical.

This blue supermoon of 2023 is the third of four consecutive supermoons, which has put the earth in an amplified period of powerful lunar energy for a period of more than ninety days. The peak time of this power will occur on the night of August 30th, and it will be a night to remember in so many ways. Be sure to put your magickal tools out for a charge, and plan to spend time engaging with this energy.

blue supermoon

What You’ll Need To Prepare for this Blue Supermoon Ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Athame or wand
Large White Candle
Large altar with ample space for participants to place items on
Moon Stones, or other energy stones (enough for everyone)
Paper and pencils
Fire pit or bonfire

Throughout this ritual, any text surrounded by these symbols < > should be considered instructional and not spoken aloud but done in accordance with the directions. For this ritual, it is recommended that participants are barefoot.

Opening our Ritual Circle

Up above, down below, across the ground and all around, this sacred sphere we conjure here! In our hearts, and in our minds, we step away, be still now time! Within this ring our boundary line, its borders now we do define! A pause on future, present, and past, I do decree this circle cast!

<The ritual leader should point their wand/athame in the direction as they speak, having the participants turn and face accordingly>

The energy gathers as we begin. Be solemn, stoic, and an open vessel. Now, turn to the East, in the direction of the birth, the rising sun, new beginnings, and the spark of magick. Cast off that which leads to distraction and folly, for tonight we rise to a higher plane, we seek a higher vibration, and we step boldly towards a wider understanding of ourselves and our craft.  Close your eyes and let the spirits of Air to dance around you, whisper across your face, and comfort you in every manner. Have no fears, for you are protected by the power energy of the moon. <light yellow candle in the East>

Now, with the energy building, the magick flowing, and the seed of creation at your fingertips, send your vibrations soaring to the sky, and turn to the South. All eyes gaze to the sky, shake off the shackles of conformity and adjust your vision to the great light that feeds your spirit. Each star is unique, just as each soul gathered here. Together they are the great expanse we call the universe. The spirits of Fire have woven together the tapestry of sacredness. Though the crossroads be many, we are encouraged that knowing, growing, and sharing, can be found at each waypoint along the journey. <light red candle in the south>

With sight now enamored, and comfort assured, I bid you, all worthy and gentle travelers, to now turn to the West, for your ancestors await your embrace. With each step we take, the echoes of those who trekked here before us, are as resonate at the great voices that reside within us. Generations come and generations go, but none shall pass without passing that knowledge which is sacred to our survival and progress. Just as the great spirits of Water ebb and flow, we move effortlessly and without encumbrance in our voyage to the best version of ourselves. Reach out across the veil and take comfort that you are being guided by a thousand generations. <light blue candle in the west>

And now, I bid you to turn to the North, and cast your vision down the land. For the spirits of Earth are among us. We feel the grounding energy flowing through us from below and the lunar energy washing over us from above. We are in a state of perfect balance, and harmony. Each breath comes with reason and strength. Each wonder reveals itself to us tonight, in all it’s wonderous glory. Tonight we choose to boldly step forward, to defeat weakness, to build a stronger foundation, and to build trust in the greatest ally we have…ourselves. <light green candle in the north>

Moon Candle
Tis not a night to give any single God or Goddess our attention, but for all forms of energy to be celebrated. On this Blue Supermoon, we place our trust and our faith in the powerful lunar energy. For there is strength in energy. There is mystery and magick in energy. There is direction and guidance, light and darkness, and there is comfort. We who gather here tonight, humbly do invoke all that is divine and all that are willing to join and share their gifts with us. We invoke the power of earth, the power of the night, the power of the wind, the flame, and the water. And to, we invoke the strength from within and the resolve to boldly and confidently banish those things which no longer serve us.  <light Moon candle>

blue supermoon

Opening Statement

Welcome one and welcome all, to this glorious night of energy. One only has to reach out a hand and feel the power riding on the night air. It is the most powerful night of the year, and energy like this will not be felt again until fourteen years in the future, so I bid you to use it well. Make this night matter, and be bold, be great and wise and thoughtful in all that you do. Step forward with courage and break down the barriers that are holding you back from success. Stand with me, for I choose to rise up and be a better version of myself. With my feet on the soil and my hands stretched out above, I choose to become a part of the energy stream, no longer standing on the sidelines watching others illuminate. Take heed, gather focus, and step boldly into your future!

Musical Interlude

For as long as humans have walked the earth, they have used music to raise energy and bring people together. So to, do we bring verse and song into our celebrations. Listen and let the mesmerizing melodies stir your soul and feed your inner need to break free and become that which you have always dreamed of. As you listen, release. As you release, grow. For this month’s ritual I’ve chosen two songs. The first is The Wolf and the Moon, by BrunuhVille. The second is AETHYRIEN, by Varðlokkur, Caller of Spirits.

The Glorious Energy

The glorious energy is all around us tonight. This blue supermoon is the biggest, brightest, and closer to earth than any other this year. The pull is tremendous creating a stronger connection with the grounding energy of earth, than has been seen in almost five years. As the third of four successive supermoons, this summer has been a period of amazing energy already, but tonight is the peak and from this day forward until the Harvest Moon, the energy will start to slowly wane. With the summer sun still blazing high above in the days, Earth has been subjected to a non-stop bombardment of solar-lunar energy, creating an outstanding environment for all energy work, healing, and personal growth.

Before we begin our cleansing ritual, we must take time to focus on charging. Full Moon energy is undeniably positive and has been used for centuries for charging magickal tools, crystals, and other items used in metaphysical practices and witchcraft. The lunar energy is an endless fountain of goodness that pours over everything in it’s pathway, stripping away the negativity and filling it up with pure light. For this reason, we are dedicating this sacred space on our altar for everyone to use. Please step forward, and if you haven’t already placed your items on the altar, do it now. Also, you’ll notice a pile of moonstones already there. Please take one with you at the close of the circle when you collect your items. May it serve you well as a constant reminder of tonight, and as a personal batter, when you’re feeling in need of a boost.

<When everyone is resettled, ritual leader should raise the athame above the altar and recite this incantation>

Full Moon Light, Blessed Night
Hear Our Call, Feel Our Sight
Lend Your Power, Blessings Shower
Cleanse Our Tools, This Sacred Hour
Moment Drawn, Negativity Gone
What’s Unwanted, Banished On
A Healing Purge, Welcomed Merge
Focused Now, A Great Converge
Then By Our Hand, We Join the Land
Powers Grow, We Take Command
Energy Flowing, Mysteries Showing
Grant Us Now, A Greater Knowing

Now, I stand poised on the boundary of time itself, for each of you must choose that which sometimes comes with great difficulty. You must choose to separate negativity from within yourself. It is the moment of happening. When all demons must be faced, and all sources of despair must be challenged. But do not fall into the great abyss of worry, for on this night, a night like no night seen in a very long time, you are supported by a energy that is glorious in it’s strength, powerful in it’s foundation, and comforting in it’s soothing connection. It very well might be the best time in your life to permanently shed some of your heaviest baggage, as there will be support coming from every direction. So much positive energy will be flowing that you’ll find it an ally of epic strength and endurance. If any time was the right time to finally shed the weight, it is now. Pain can be endured. Hurts can be healed. Magick can and will happen.

Negativity Be Gone – Cleanse, Clear, Mature, and Thrive

Our Full Moon cleansing event for this blue supermoon will be a guided meditation. The grounding energy of the earth will be your anchor and the powerful lunar energy of the full moon will be your gateway to release. Each of us carries baggage in the form of negative energy. We are polluted by the distracting noise of electronic media, politics, workplace anxiety, unfounded fears, relationship issues, and feelings of inadequacy or anger. We are often close to energy vampires, fake influencers, or disingenuous people who try to use us, or steer us into patterns that do not benefit our personal growth. People linger in our lives who are pulling us in reverse. Some things may have had a role in our lives, but no longer do. We may have outgrown them, or saw that they were a crutch. Other things may have been thrust upon us, or hung over our heads for decades, like a dark cloud. The list goes on and on and on.

Whatever the source, baggage is baggage, negativity is damaging and must be banished. Some bags will be easy to drop, while others might be complicated and problematic. Life just seems to be that way. But the good news is that no matter what, you are still in control and even if you can’t release it today, you can at least identify it, compartmentalize it, minimize how it affects your life, and work on a solution to ridding yourself of it as soon as possible. It’s important to clear these hurdles out of our lives, as they prevent us from reaching the highest version of ourselves. We cannot be free to fly to dizzying heights if the anchors of negativity are chained to our ankles.

So now, under this great blue supermoon, is your moment of happening. It is your moment to step out and step up. Dive deeply into your subconscious and seek out the things that are holding you back. Find the fears, the self-imposed limitations, the manipulators, and the charlatans. Look for the places that make you sad, the actions that steal your time without any real value, and the moments that lead to your sadness and tears. You know what is in your way. But you also know that you have the power to clear the path. Now, I invite you to join me in meditation and then to once and for all release them into the vast unknown.

<Allow the group to get comfortable, many may choose to sit>

Close Your Eyes

Take a Deep Breath……Now Release It

Let Your Mind Wander…..Have No Fear

The Energy is With You

From Above…..And Below

Feel the Pull of the Earth

Feel the Flow From the Moon

Embrace it….Become One With It

Breath Deeply…..Relax Your Physical Body

You Are Lucid…..Aware But Immersed

Awakened to That Which is Infinite

Time Has No Grasp on This Moment

You Are One With The Universe

Listen to The Natural World

Listen to The Night

Just Breathe and Let The Energy Flow

Through Your Arms….Your Legs

It Fills You…..Completes You

Comforts You…..Your Journey is Now

Seek That Which You Must Discover

Deep Within the Recesses

The Barriers…..The Blockages

Breathe and Search Your Soul

Feel the Powerful Lunar Energy

You Are Not Alone

It Flows Through You

Comforting Energy…..Feeding You

Healing Old Wounds……Carrying Heavy Weights

Opening Closed Doors

Surrender to The Energy

Become One With It

Become One With Your True Self

Take Back Your Power

Breathe In the Magick

Release The Chaos

Shed The Weight of Your Fears

Your Pain……Your Anxiety

Look Deeper……Find That Which You Must Find

Your Are Stronger Than You Realize

Step By Step……Do Not Abandon This Journey

Seek Salvation From Your Own Demons

Banish That Which Has No Service

Cast Out That Which Gives No Support

Release That Which Has No Standing

Breathe…..Stay Focused…..Stay True

Do Not Stray From The Conflict

Tear Down The Walls of Shame

Of Guilt…..Of Fear and Belittlement

Your Feelings Betray You

True Power Awaits

Gather Strength From the Energy

Gather Confidence From the Energy

Take Back Yourself……Overcome

All Things Begin Within

Your Path is Known

Take the First Step of Your Journey

Breathe Deeply…..You Are Not Alone

Your Ancestors Are Here

The Spirits of Air…..Water

Fire……And Earth

All Things Are As They Should Be

This Moment of Happening Is Happening

Have Faith……In Yourself

Trust…….In Yourself

The Weight is Growing Lighter

Lifting…….The Burden No Longer

Use Your Intention

See Yourself Rising Higher and Higher

And It Shall Come to Pass

Prepare For the Future

And Let Go of the Weight of the Past

<Remain silent for several minutes>

Now open your eyes to the new world around you. See that which you must do, and take the steps to do it. Write down those things which are no longer a part of your life after tonight and prepare.

<offer paper and pencil to all participants to write down the things they wish to banish from their lives>

Now, if you have something you wish to release, approach the flames, commit them to flame, watch them burn away and the smoke drift to the skies above in an act of permanent banishment.

As you do, say “I banish that which no longer serves me, now and forever, I choose to be free”.

<allow plenty of time here, and once all have participated who wish to, continue>

Cleansing is both uplifting and exhausting. It’s an emotional battle within. And yet, it’s a battle which must be fought and must be won. We are lighter, more agile and nimble with the weight of that unwanted baggage lifted from our spiritual selves. Yet, do not leave here thinking this is permanent. Those who had the cords will certainly feel them being cut away. The places of negativity will still exist, waiting to lure you back inside. Bad habit are easy to fall back into. Cleansing leaves an empty space in your heart and soul.  That space must be filled with positive things or it’s susceptible to negativity again. Do not break the resolve you have committed to on this night. Follow through on your commitment to yourself. Set new goals, find new things, commune with nature, use your time wisely and effectively. Step forth with a purpose and do not look behind you, as you aren’t going backwards. You are going forward with a newfound passion for life, growth, and above all, your own happiness.



Closing Our Blue Moon Circle

Now, with the energy of the blue supermoon coursing through your veins, please join me as we bring this circle to a close. Stand and face once again to the North, for we must honor the spirits of the earth and give thanks for their protection and strength on this glorious night. Our magickal work is complete, but the journey has only just begun.  <extinguish green candle in the north>

Now to the West, and the memories of a setting sun and tidal shift we are reminded that great change will force us to endure peaks and plateaus. As we depart, remember that even though we have shed the unwanted, it may seek to remain. Do not be soft with your resolve to continue rising, refusing to allow that weight to pull you back down.  <extinguish blue candle in the west>

In the South we are comforted by the power of Fire, for with our own eyes, we have seen the flames burn away those pledges of release. We have watched as paper was consumed to ash and smoke and then nothingness. Look forward, look skyward, and most importantly, look inward for guidance and enlightenment.  <extinguish red candle in the south>

As the night moves and we once again enter the slipstream of time, we make our final sight to the East. For when the new day breaks, our lives will be also renewed. We will be reborn into a better version of ourselves. The spirits of Air will remind us that even though we cannot see all things, they are indeed still present. The lesson of trust is the greatest lesson of all.  <extinguish yellow candle in the East>

Sister Moon, we stand below your great light, energized by your power, uplifted by your strength, and honored by your guidance. Our blessings are infinite and our gratitude beyond measure.  <extinguish Moon candle>

I now dissolve this chosen space, return those powers back to space. Our work is finished for this night, we bring to close, this sacred rite.

The circle is now open, but remains in our hearts unbroken.

Blessed Be!

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