Blossom Bottle – A Jar Spell to Protect Your Growing Areas


Bottle spells (also called jar spells) are a form of folk magic, most commonly found in North America.   The most common types seen cover four major concerns people have.  In no particular order, they were for banishing something, finding or keeping a romantic or love interest, receiving money or other financial windfall, or for protection of property or their person.  Witch Bottles are one of the most common protective bottle spells; used for hundreds of years to protect livestock and property from being bewitched in one form or another.

Blossom Bottles fit in the protective category, and are specifically designed to protect gardens and areas of vegetation.  They are best prepared under the light of a full moon (April or May depending on where you live) so as to capture the full moon energy of springtime.  As with any bottle spell, the container should be meaningful to the creator and they should be created with a focused intent.  For this particular creation, the intent is to protect your food gardens, medicinal herbs, and other useful plants and vegetation.

A blossom bottle is easy to create and is perfect for people who are just beginning their journey into witchcraft or spellcraft.  This particular recipe comes from my own library and can be adapted depending on your geography, what you have growing, or your intent.  Don’t get hung up on the details of what goes into the bottle, but more specifically focus on energy transference; redirect your power into the spell and give it potency.  Once you complete the spell and seal your bottle, that energy will be stored inside along with the contents.  After its completed, it’s portable and won’t lose it’s potency unless the bottle or jar is broken.


There is no set list of ingredients that you “must have” to create this blossom bottle spell other than a bottle.  There are three main components which will be the basis of the creation; a bottle, soil, and salt.

Start with a bottle that can be securely closed and sealed tightly.  I suggest something small but with an opening wide enough to fill easily.  A cork closure will give your bottle a longer lifespan since it will ultimately be buried and metal lids are prone to rust.

Although not a requirement, I strongly recommend starting with soil or stones from a healthy and active garden or growing area (this can be something you’ve saved from a previous garden or an indoor plant which is thriving) – the active soil is used to transfer positive earth/growing energy – this is especially important if you are starting a new garden as it will act as a “spark” t0 get it producing quickly.

Finally, a pinch of salt for protection against unwanted nighttime visitors – use sparingly as salt dampens/draws ALL psychic energy forms – it doesn’t distinguish between “good” or “bad” psychic energies.  Use caution on your choice of salt. There are recipes for ritual Black Salt which are purported to absorb negative energies, but the caveat it that they only work one time; not something you want to put in a spell which is meant to last for a long time.  I use Himalayan or Sea salt.

Infinity Blossom Bottle Blend

This mixture has multiple different protective powers associated with it and a brief listing of why each is included in the recipe follows.  There are eight blossoms included in this recipe.

Arnica – Masculine in nature and often used in general protective rituals as well as rituals for fertility of crops, arnica is known as the ‘Wolf Flower’ in German.  An ancient tradition spoke of how the spirit of the Corn Wolf wandered among the fields, adding his strength to the growing crops; Arnica will keep him from leaving before the harvest.

blossom bottle

Bergamot – Also masculine in nature and used to induce peace and happiness, or in this case to create a tranquil and serene growing environment which is free from stress.  Plant stress is a major factor in the growing and production cycle.  It is also used for purification, relaxation and for attracting success in germination and production of herbs, flowers, fruit, or vegetables.

Borage – Another masculine flower which is legendary for its spirit-lifting and courage-inducing properties. Borage flowers add luck and power to spells, plus Borage energizes the other ingredients to perform at their peak abilities.  Borage flowers are edible, often being used on salads or dried for making tea.

Lavender – Lavender is also masculine.  Its flowers are known to encourage fertility, or in this case germination and it naturally deters insects.  Lavender is uplifting and promotes long life; something which growers in cooler areas will appreciate since germination takes longer in cold soil.

Rose Petals – Feminine in nature and extremely necessary; Much of the protective power of this spell comes from the addition of rose petals.  In alchemy the rose is symbolic of completion, accomplishment, and ultimate perfection – a point of unity between the physical and spiritual world coming together to produce amazing things.  Rose also encourages friendly spirits to take up residence nearby.

Jasmine – Another feminine flower, jasmine is known as the flower of attraction; which serves to attract things to our growing areas.  We add it to help bring the natural elements to the garden so it can thrive; water, sunlight, bees and other friendly insects, and balanced temperatures.  It also summons benevolent spirits and faeries to the area.

Hibiscus – Another feminine flower, hibiscus is used for treating wounds; we add it to the spell to ensure healing will occur quickly for any plant which is damaged from outside forces.  There are things outside of anyone’s control such as playing children or an unwary neighbor that might use our garden for a shortcut.  Hibiscus will help to bring healing to damaged stalks or shoots.

Chamomile – Masculine in nature, and is added because chamomile keeps unwanted energies from passing through, removes spells cast against, prevents fires and lightning strikes and is known to heal and regenerate the spirit from within.  It’s an all-purpose ingredient and should be considered for any herbal concoction.


Constructing and Charging Your Blossom Bottle

It’s optional, but many people find it appropriate to decorate their bottle with colored ribbons, colored markings to indicate their intent, or other personalized touches.  As mentioned in the opening, this spell works best when prepared under the energy of a full moon; it should be done outside regardless of the lunar cycle.  The flowers can be fresh or dried.

Take some time to meditate before doing anything; let the energy of the natural world enter your very being and open yourself to being one with the earth.  Share your essence with the universe and you shall receive all that you give in return.  Once you are grounded and relaxed, state or think your intent; keep this thought and only this thought in your active memory while adding each ingredient.  Start with your soil as a base.  Have an intimate reason why you are adding each blossom and focus on that reason as you add it; one after another.

Once all of your ingredients are added,  light a Wooden Match and stare at it burning – this action will be the final step in focusing your intent and it’s critical that you do not allow yourself to be distracted.  It must be done quickly so that you don’t get burned fingers.  Once you feel your energy is sufficiently focused, drop the burning match in the bottle and then quickly close it.  Melt some sealing wax and completely cover the cork or lid (this may take several coats of wax depending on the bottle surface) until you are certain it is sealed.

Using either a mugwort wand or straight branch, approach your garden from the east and walk clockwise to conjure and seal a protective circle around the garden, leading with the wand while saying this blessing:


Magickal energies start your flow,

A circle ’round the seeds I’ve sown

Protect this greenery from hex or curse

Negative forces must disperse

With the blessing of the God and Goddess,

This blossom bottle holds a promise,

Safety from effects of weather,

Harmony in what’s grown together

Bountiful harvest at summer’s end

For all great things, both flowered and stemmed

Once you’ve made the full circle, carefully bury the blossom bottle along the furthest Eastern edge of your garden.  As the first morning rays of sunshine will cross the protection bottle before any of your plants or crops.  After you bury it, turn away and break the wand or stick in two pieces and throw them in the opposite direction of the garden to finish the spell.  Say the following:

Beasts, plants, fowl, and trees

I bid you witness to this decree

this space now sacred, and danger free

charged with protective energies

flower blossoms and my intent

nothing ill shall circumvent


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