Black Eyed Children


The Sayers speak of urban legends

Other cite a cautionary tale

What to say of black eyed children…

When explanation comes up empty

And witness sightings more than plenty

Things out there we’ve stigmatized

Such as youth with soulless eyes

These hellish children dredge up fear

When all at once they just appear

Shadows blurred on darkened nights

These black eyed children set their sights

Devoid of life, don’t seem to breathe

But get too close, and then you’ll see

Skin so pale, much like the dead

Their soulless eyes just stare ahead

When black eyed children roam the night

Salvation found by taking flight

The warning signs are oft and plenty

In twos or threes, there’s never many

They knock and knock, please let us in

Sighted brings your crawling skin

For darkness knows know deeper black

Don’t let them in, don’t turn your back

If you take the bait, perhaps something more

A curse upon you, of that I’m sure

So young they posture, like kids you see

They prey upon maternal needs

Little voices filled with helpless panic

Fear persists, one riding manic

If you let them in, they drain the room

An energy of dark and gloom

Gaze hypnotic, but soon you’ll see

Not what they’re supposed to be

Somethings’ wrong, clothes are wrong

Voices wrong, words are wrong

Don’t let them in, don’t let them stay

Turn them down, they’ll go away

Sayers claim them many things

Shifters, ghosts, or off-world beings

Reports are found, across the nation

With an unholy gift of manipulation

Lest no reports them come inside

At least, not one who’s left alive

What they want, none can tell

This warning sent, now fare ye well


Additional Reading

If you’re a fan of terrifying, deranged, and dark poetry, Things That Go Bump in the Night, Poetry of Fear and Fright is the perfect book for you. Available now on Amazon

R.J. Schwartz also owns the International Writing website, The Creative Exiles, and has an extensive catalogue of poetry and short stories online.

For more pagan poetry on this site, follow this link

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