Belladonna Gone Wrong



Belladonna ….

Eternal slumber is whispering

Tis that frightening moment when

Paralysis creeps in on the wind

Speech slurred, vision filling with clouds

Your body stiff, but your mind hanging on

Mentally you search for a clue

Your thoughts rapid, or are they?

Atropos holds her steady hand

Inevitable, yet she toys with your thread

Did your plans include a way out?

Alas, on this day escape is but a word

Remember the taste, bitter and sweet

Trying to open the doorway to fly

Now bow to the Beautiful Lady of Death

Once an initiate who self-glorified

An appetite for everything at once

Teachers forgive but time does not

Without countenance from the elders

With only moments to spare

Each fetid breath poisons the air

Alas, soon the shadows will feast

Indignation your final thought

What had promise is now no longer


Some History

Atropos was one of the three Moirai goddesses in Greek mythology.  They collectively decided the fate of every human that lived on the earth. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos were considered to be the daughters of Themis and Zeus.  The Moirai or three Fates, controlled the destiny of every living mortal and it was thought that even Zeus as subject to their will, unable to change it.  Clotho was the one who spun the thread of human life, Lachesis measured its length, and Atropos was the one who decided how each human would die.  She is often depicted holding shears in her hand with which she cut the thread of life.

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