Full Beaver Moon Ritual 2022 – Blood Moon Rising

Blood Moon Ritual

The Full Beaver Moon 2022 will peak on November 8th, at 4:02 AM, MST. On that night, the full moon will be bathed in crimson as a total lunar eclipse becomes maximum at 3:59 AM, MST. Yes indeed, we’ll have a blood moon rising. If this were a normal year, or one without an eclipse event, we’d be talking about beavers. And how the native trappers would work nearly non-stop through November to get as many pelts as possible before the heavy snows blocked river access. In November, the beaver pelt would be thick and heavy, to keep the animal warm through the coming winter. These pelts were prized for making coats and hats by tribe members, a tradition which they passed on to earliest settlers of the new world, mainly from France and Great Britain.

The November full moon is also called the Trading Moon, as traders would make their final visit in November, before winter set in. It was also called the Full Sassafras Moon, the Frost Moon, the Fog Moon and the Mourning Moon (the last full moon before the Winter Solstice). It was called Dark Moon by the ancient Celts and the Snow Moon in Medieval Europe.

This year we’ll experience a total lunar eclipse, the last one for the next three years. The milky white orb in the sky will be drenched in a bloody orangish crimson color. This coloration occurs because the moon, the earth, and the sun line up in that order for a short period. At maximum, the moon is entirely hidden from sunlight, yet it is still receiving light from the furthest edges of earth’s atmosphere. Through a natural process, the small bit of atmospheric light reflects on to the surface of the moon, yet the light is red. The name blood moon has its origins in times long since past, but no one is really sure of where it was first spoken.

We are down to two full moons before the 2022 full moon growth series, comes to an end. Today and then in December. Since it’s a blood moon, our ritual tonight is called blood moon rising. Our last two month’s, finding your tribe and back to basics really reminded each of us to steer back to our chosen paths. Our August ritual focused on the challenges of navigating difficulty. July was our off month. In June our focus was networking. May was about risk taking, April was about overcoming emotional challenges. March covered embracing the lunar energy in all aspects of our lives. In February we built planning skills and in January our focus was preparing ourselves for chaos. I’m honored by those still on the journey with me. It’s been mind-blowing so far!

Preparing For The 2022 Full Beaver Blood Moon Ritual

This ritual can be performed on the 7th or 8th, since the peak falls very early in the morning on the 8th. It has elements which pertain to the history and lore of the blood moon, but no specific prayers or other practices. As always, this ritual should be preformed outside under the moonlight. It’s a good idea to position your circle around a bonfire or fire circle during the colder months.

What items you’ll need to collect for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for each participant
Fire pit or cauldron suitable for safely burning small objects and paper
Athame or Wand
Altar – decorate with fur, pelts, items that symbolize warmth & comfort

Leave space on the altar and remind your guests in advance that anyone is welcome to bring stones, crystals, wands, or other magical tools to be charged under the moonlight during the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that is bracketed by <> symbols should be understood as instructional notes and not to be spoken aloud.

The Full Beaver Blood Moon Ritual Begins

<Using your Wand or Athame, point in each respective direction while calling the quarters; ask all participants to turn in the direction, following your lead>

From the great sky above, I pull down the energy of the universe and from the earth, I pull up the combined energies of the elements. I do conjure and I do cast this circle of equal balance, both light and dark, hidden amongst the sands of time, open to all who share in its lifeforce.

Calling the Quarters

Join with me and turn your eyes to the East, the direction of the rising sun and the great spirits of Air. As the winter gathers energy and the land becomes dormant, the great spirits of Air come out to play. There is a great lesson to be learned from watching the swirling leaves and the bending branch. They choose not to resist the inevitable, but rather to flow with it and even join in the dance.  <light yellow candle>

Now, I ask you to turn to the South, the direction of the mid-day sun and the great spirits of Fire. With the chill of winter already settling upon the world, our attention and many thanks turn to the great spirits of Fire. For many centuries this focus has been repeated and many ancestors have whispered a silent prayer to the Gods while they warmed themselves in front of a fire, while ice and snow from a raging storm fell outside. <light red candle>

Again turn, but now to the West, the direction of the setting sun and the great spirits of Water. Transformation from one form to the next is the greatest lesson to learned from water. Yet remember, the lesson goes deeper than flexibility. It demonstrates how we retain our true inner selves, even while wearing the uniform of our employer, the rituals of our family, and the processes of our community.  <light blue candle>

Now I bid you, turn your attention North, the direction of no sun, rather the darkened night sky, and the great spirits of Earth. For as the race called humans, doth prepare for winter, so do the spirits. For all beings are known to spend time in contemplation and education during the deep freeze. We mend things that have become broken and create things that improve our lives. And when the time has passed, we shall once again engage in the physical side of living.  <light green candle>

<Ritual leader should raise their arms high, near the circle center>
Great Goddess, we are gathered here to celebrate the Blood Moon, but also to learn of it’s warnings and understand its message to each individual. As we embark on another night of cleansing and banishing the negativity of everyday living, we pray for your accompaniment on this journey. Give us strength to overcome the difficult things we battle with daily, Help us become better versions of ourselves.  Keep us safe in our circle on this night. <Light Goddess candle>



The Blood Moon is an uncommon celestial event, which has been tied to prophecy, destruction, death, and catastrophe. Our ancestors told tales of great demons or Gods, battles and spilled blood, and all sorts of rising evil to explain the blood moon. Scholars have formulated great prophecies that foretold of apocalyptic times ahead. Witches perform all types of terrible spells and curses while bathed in the red glowing light. It makes animals howl and drives the insane into a dangerous frenzy. It speaks of slaughter, massacre, bloody conflict, and destruction. It is the harbinger of doom and wielded by the mighty to prey upon the weak and uninformed. It is, without a doubt, one of the scariest celestial events the world has ever known.

And as time passed, the time of great prophecies came and passed without cataclysm, absent of catastrophe, and without so much as a heavy rainfall. The great battles were reduced to myth and the heroes to notations in a history book. Modern science has explained the event so well, that doubt no longer remains. And yet, the belief continues. The tales retold and the magick performed. For some reason, the blood moon pulls at our primitive self. It gives a warning of not what will come, but what could become, should we peek down the rabbit hole. It holds both great power and great respect.

Musical Interlude

Music is the heartbeat of our soul. It brings people together and raises energy. Where there is darkness, music brings light, and where there is sadness, music brings joy. No ceremony is complete without music or the high vibrations brought by song and dance. Tonight’s feature is by a techno musician known only as Ghost Data. This song is Blood Moon, from the latest release. It’s nothing short of a full body immersion into an electronic dreamsynth journey. Close you eyes and let the music wash over your brain.

2022 Full Beaver Blood Moon Ritual – Blood Moon Rising

A blood moon cometh, what shall we do? A good question indeed. An event that has been forever linked with omens, prophecies, and usually nothing positive, has arrived. Should we be afraid? Should we accept that this means something wicked this way comes? Some say that a blood moon rising is a great warning. But is a warning fact? Or merely a possibility?

The blood moon is symbolic, as it provides the no-holds-barred assault on our senses. It screams out darkness, and fear, and paints our surroundings in dripping crimson. It summons horrors from beyond the veil and twists itself deep into the souls of the fearful. It moves with no sound. It needs no introduction. It is a message. But it is not the end of days, nor is it the end of prosperity, or civilized peoples, or even the end of life. It is symbolic as a great reminder of what could be. What might be, if conditions were right. How things could look, if we allowed the darkness and evil of negativity to take control. It seeks to distort the landscape, dredge up beasts from the bloody darkness and seed the soil with negativity.

This negativity waits for its prey in darkened corners. It infiltrates and then tries to assume control. Trickery and lies are it’s weapons. And yet, when we give it power, negativity is fooled into thinking it can reign forever. And when we take the power away, it howls with rage and threatens, cries, and manipulates. Negativity is not prophecy, it is opportunity.

And so the question remains. How should we interpret the blood moon?

Do not fear the messenger. Pay heed to the message. If we continue to pollute, destroy, betray, and divide, then our future will likely be dark and blood will flow. Yet, if we offer forgiveness, love, peace, and community, then our future will likely be bright and sunny. It’s not a tough decision when you really look at it. Let the warnings ring true in your heart and if your are sleeping, then let the alarm bells ring. Fight the darkness with light and then share the light with others.

Cleansing and Clearing

As we do each month, we gather together to release negativity. Negativity can be found in nearly every part of our lives, especially our job, our family, and even those who we call friends. Yet, as we consciously make the decision to evaluate our lives, it’s easy to identify the darkness. We can then choose to walk away from those things and lighten our load. We can offload the heaviness of negativity through the cleansing fire and smoke of our circle, combined with the powerful lunar energy. I’d like to pause for just a few moments of self-reflection and I’d advise everyone else do the same. In order to banish something, it must first be named.

<take a few moments, or more, to allow for the group to self-reflect>

Throughout 2022 we’ve shared many full moon nights together. Some of us have experienced great breakthrough moments, where heavy weights have been lifted. We’ve all grown and made taking control of our own lives, a focal point of living. Each month we take another step toward complete spiritual independence and inner peace. And for those who still battle demons within, tonight is your night for complete victory. The full blood moon is a sign of doom in our future, but only if we fail to act. Heed the warning and make the changes necessary to completely cleanse all negativity from your physical and spiritual self. It’s a time to boldly trust the Gods and Goddesses whom you honor. It is time to permanently clear the burdensome baggage from the past. Stand alongside your ancestors and fight the epic battle for freedom. It’s a time to break free from toxic people and toxic places, once and for all.

Rise from your earthly slumber, fellow travelers. For the lunar energy and the power of the full blood moon is everywhere. Now is the time to shut out the noise of the outside world and simply be one with the energy. Touch the ground with the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet. Make the great connection and prepare for great change. You are about to step through the door on a guided meditation of awareness, magick, and infinite clarity into the possibilities your future holds..

<this is a guided meditation, which means from this point forward, the ritual leader should significantly slow down – each sentence must be allowed to sink into everyone’s thoughts and each person should have time to absorb them completely – read one sentence, then take a pause, then another then pause, and so on – speak with an even and calming voice throughout – your voice will help relax and allow everyone to focus>

Close you eyes.  Take a deep breath and then another.  Relax.  Your are getting lighter.  Take another deep breath.  Surrender your power to the night wind.  Move with it.  Sway as the air chooses to take you.  You are light as a feather. Completely weightless.  There is no dark nor light.  No black or white.  Everything is neutral and balanced.  Free your mind.  That which has come or that which may come has no meaning.  No sight and no sound.  Forget the future and forget the past.  Listen until you can hear your heart beating.  You are simply you.  A lifeform within a greater lifeform.  Listen until you hear the whispering of your ancestors. You are completely calm.  Here you are protected.  Here only rational thinking takes place.  This place of everything and nothing at all.  The threads of the universe are exposed for you to observe. Let your inner sight wander through this infinite collection of thought. Ponder on the many questions.

Can you see your connections?  The threads that extend into the great beyond.  Who are you bound to?  Why are you bound?  It is of your choosing?  Where is your energy flowing?  Are those being fed, feeding you in return?  Is the energy in balance?  Do you see your vibrational level?  Are you falling short of your goals?  Or are you being held back?  Are you sailing on the high sea’s or anchored in port?  Is there a yolk around your neck?  A burden someone of something convinced you to carry.  Does a master hold the lead to your bindings?  Are your behaviors manipulated to serve another’s?  Are you lost to the great abyss or simply prisoner to one of its puppeteers?  Do you see darkness?  Does it surround you?  Where do you lay your head at night?  Does it bring you pain or pleasure?  Are you trapped?  Ask yourself why you give something or someone permission to hold you against your will.  Are your desires breeding chaos?  Are you the pilot of your own destruction?  Are you worthy of redemption?  Yes…you are.

Comprehension is what makes us uniquely human.  Remain focused.  Do nothing but think.  Analyze every moment, but use only seconds. Understand the meaning of the universe, yet remain lost within it.  Infinity is but the snap of a finger and a single heartbeat echoes on and on and on and on. Time is but a concept of those who seek to control it. Control is but a concept of those who are empty inside.  Emptiness is but a state of the great construct.  And yet, it is we, who can choose.  To be empty or to be full, and whether that be positive or negative.  We decide what walls can be built and which can be torn down.  And it is we who can decide when.  Remember these words for now we must leave this place.

Breath in deeply and hold it.  Focus on the memories we have just created.  Exhale.  Focus on your inner power.  Breathe in deeply and hold it.  Focus on naming that which needs to be named.  Exhale.  Prepare yourselves.  Take a deep breath.  Take another.  You are no longer weightless.  The cold energy of the earth is pulling you back.  You can feel the night air and hear the sounds of the wind.  Remember.  Remember.   Remember and release.

<wait a minute or more>

Now slowly open your eyes.  Your destiny awaits

<distribute paper and pencils>

The universe can be unwound, but only if you choose to figure out how.  The same is true for stepping out of the darkness. It takes commitment and great spiritual strength. The cords that bind us are powerful and will not surrender without a fight.  Call upon the great power of this full beaver blood moon for strength.  Call upon your ancestors for guidance.  But most importantly, call upon your soul, the truest form of who you actually are, for permission.  Allow yourself to become the best version of you, that is possible.

Now, write down everything or everyone that is working against you. Choose to reject those thing which attempt to hold power over you. Do not allow fear to limit your progress.  Do not succumb to false emotions such as guilt or shame.  For you are part of the Human Condition, and there is no judgement here.  Cut those cords, and then pledge to yourself that you are cutting them forever. This is the moment to burn away that which causes you pain. This is the moment to free yourselves from fear and anxiety. I call out to everyone to regain their personal power and to take back the real you from those who’ve tried to take it from you. Stop participating in unhealthy relationships. Decide to no longer be at someone else’s disposal. Stop being used. Break free from the abuses.  As you command it, then it shall be!

And when you’ve gathered up the transgressions and committed them to ink and paper, then I bid you, arise!  Step forward with great conviction and cast them into the flames, finally and without fanfare.  Feel the release as they burn away and say aloud, “I release that which no longer serves me!”

<Provide ample time for everyone to burn and meditate over what was released>

And now a great weight has been lifted.  But, before we close this Blood Moon ritual, know this. Breaking free from negativity is easy, but keeping it away can be challenging. Negativity doesn’t give up easily. Darkness has a familiar pull and preys upon us when we are weak.  A great cleansing leaves empty spaces, which the darkness will seek to fill, but only if you let it. Fill them with positive thoughts before the evil can creep back in. Find your tribe, follow your path, rebuild your defenses. Strive to become the best version of yourself. Immerse yourself in the energy of the full moon. Trust in yourself, for you are much stronger than you think.

So Mote it Be!!

Closing the 2022 Full Beaver Blood Moon Ritual Circle

We bid you well, great spirits of the North. For our work is done and we relinquish this sacred place back to you. Leave us with your grounding energy as we boldly step forth into a brighter future.   <extinguish green candle>

Until we meet again, great spirits of the West. A great weight has been lifted and we proceed into the world with greater understanding and knowledge of ourselves. Leave us with thoughts of motion, so that we do not allow ourselves to become an easy target for our enemies.  <extinguish blue candle>

Our future paths shall cross again soon, great spirits of the South. For as we watch the smoke drift skyward, knowing that the burdens of many are being swept away, we do so with gratitude in our hearts. Leave us with the memory of free and continuous thought. <extinguish red candle>

With great pleasure we nod at the departure of the great spirits of the East. For the messages of the wind are always returning to remind us of the moment we chose to rise up and reclaim control over our own lives, Leave us with whimsey and magick and a great joy within our hearts, <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, without your light, we would never know the beauty that the world has; without your encouragement, we would never have developed and grown as a human race; without your continued guidance, we might have strayed from the path – for those things and so much more, we humbly thank you and the unconditional love shared with us this night and every night.  <extinguish Goddess Candle>

This full Beaver Blood Moon Circle is now open!


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