Alien Encounters Found in Egyptian Hieroglyphics – New Photo Released

Original Photography by R.J. Schwartz - December, 2018 - All Rights Reserved

The ancient Egyptians left the world with so many amazing and unexplained things.  There are more than 100 pyramids, including the Great Pyramid complex on the Giza plateau and the nearby Great Sphinx.  A journey down the Nile river leads to the remains of dozens of temples, monuments, and other structures at strategic locations along it’s banks.  Elsewhere, further inland are the remains of tombs carved deep into mountainsides, where nothing remains aside from colorful hieroglyphics and a few stone sarcophagi.  Each site has it’s own unique characteristics; almost a style by some accounts.  Most also draw thousands, some hundreds of thousands, of visitors each year to gaze in glassy-eyed wonder at the massive stone columns, the intricate carvings of ancient Gods and Goddesses, and the hundreds of thousands of hieroglyphics and drawings located on nearly every exposed surface.  Scientists from nearly every discipline have spend decades trying to understand how these larger-than-life construction projects were accomplished without the use of heavy equipment or precision milling tools.  And yet they are no closer to a conclusive theory than the day they first started exploring the desert sands.

Rather than trying to figure out how ancient people did such grand work using the tools of their particular day, we should instead look for answers within the actual work itself.  Those answers are obvious although the clues are subtle.  We’ve seen countless examples left by ancient Egyptians artists of how the seemingly impossible was possible.  The evidence is clear in the examination of the many pictures of alien ships, advanced technology, lower atmosphere flying crafts, and unexplained objects found across Egypt in hieroglyphic form.  There are countless articles written about the subject, with each writer showing examples of images that clearly demonstrate the ancients had access to advanced technologies; things which were introduced to their evolutionary timeline, rather than being developed over time, by beings from beyond our galaxy; literally alien encounters.

My Personal Journey to Identify Alien Encounters in Egypt

I’ve always been a believer of alien life, not just from a science-fiction approach, but on a universal analytical scale.  It’s folly to think that human beings are all alone in the vastness of space and even though evidence demonstrates it to be real, many people choose to not accept it.  Aliens have visited earth, how many times is beyond me, but they have been here and they have contributed to humanity as we know it.  I made the journey to Egypt myself and spent ten days exploring the inner walls of twenty four separate historical sites; Giza, Karnak, Luxor, Saqqara, Abusir, and all around Cairo.  I verified what I had seen elsewhere and I discovered a few which I haven’t seen before, so I’m really excited to add my findings to the on-going investigation.

What’s Already in the Public Space

The Dendara Lightbulb – Hathor Temple

The above photo, commonly called the Dendara Lightbulb, is touted by many researchers as concrete proof of alien interaction in ancient Egypt.  The large globe-shaped objects appear to be a version of a modern light bulb.  Mainstream experts and Egyptologists claim it’s a mythological depiction of a Djed pillar and a lotus flower, spawning a snake within, representing aspects of Egyptian mythology.

Flying Machine Carvings found in Abydos at the Temple of Seti I

A hieroglyphic panel discovered at the Temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt, has long been used to support the theory that ancient Egyptian’s had advanced technology.  It’s clear that the depictions resemble modern-day helicopters, spacecraft, and even a jet plane.

Multiple examples of spacecraft, people being abducted or loaded into ships, and even carvings of beings with large eyes or other strange features exist across Egypt.  Despite the “official” opinions given, many people feel that aliens were a part of Egyptian life and those ancient people left signs of those visitations in the hieroglyphic records.

Ancient Being Speaking on a Telephone Type of Device

During my visit, I photographed as much as possible; some for a personal recollection of my journey and some to document things I felt were worthy of further discussion.  This next photo was a game-changer for me as I’d never seen anything like it before anywhere.  I can only attribute it to alien encounters.

I discovered this carving in the Temple of Edfu, found on the West bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt; one of the best preserved locations in all of Egypt.  It was not found in plain sight, but tucked away in a corner of the main room, nearly hidden behind a pillar.  It’s clearly unlike anything anyone has seen in previous examples of advanced technology being identified in ancient Egypt.  I was very excited by the prospect of something unique, but felt it important to check around further for something similar, just in case my emotions were blinding me to the facts.  I did find another similar carving in the same temple about thirty minutes later (also pictured below).

Ancient Being Speaking on a Telephone Type of Object – R.J. Schwartz, December, 2018 – All Rights Reserved –
Being With Finger In Mouth – R.J. Schwartz, December, 2018 – All Rights Reserved

The differences were easy to see.  In the upper photograph, the being has no ears, and is reaching across the body to “talk” on the mobile phone – the lower photo shows a human with what appears to be a finger in it’s mouth. My only assumption is that a human is imitating the being in the above shot.  Also the lower human carving has fingers and body parts in scale to what a human has.  The upper shows what looks like a mitten-type of hand with very long fingers without any separation between them.

Alien Craft Descending Over or Placing a Fully Built Pyramid

Alien encounters require more than just a theory.  Ironically, the construction of the pyramids also require proof on how they were constructed.  This image might just satisfy both groups.  The size of the alien craft hovering over the newly constructed pyramid offers another potential solution for how they were built, or placed. The size of the tractor beam is infinitely larger than the entire structure, so it’s not that crazy of a thought to imagine them being placed on the Giza plateau fully constructed.

Alien Craft with possible Tractor Beam – R.J. Schwartz, December, 2018


At this point in time, it’s estimated that only 30% of ancient Egypt has been excavated.  Much of the history remains hidden under mountains of sand of below layers of dirt.  However, I was quite pleased to see active digs and restoration being done at nearly every site I visited.  Under the leadership of the current Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian Antiquities Department appears to be focused on making the entire nation a tourist attraction once again and the world will be a better place for his efforts.  I hope to return after a few years and once again marvel at the new treasures which are being unearthed.  Hopefully the world will finally see concrete evidence of alien encounters.

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