Across Time – Love Spans Many Lifetimes


Knight and Dragon

Take heed my love and turn your gaze to the effervescent rays of the dwindling sun

For this day has past us by, as all those which have mingled with our time in this world

The passing of time gives rise to tales that grow in length and breadth and scope and size

In each passing, another hero is created, another beast slain, and a maiden saved

Brave knights ride deep into the unknown, with only the skills of a man and a noble steed

Corsairs pass through narrow straits challenging the wind and the waves to endless duels

Shipwreck lost in time

Yet the actions of the brave, worthy of greatness and folly, alas, they do give rise to question

For the books of history are filled with embellished fables of treasures and paradise

And the yarns spun round the dying embers do make the youth dream of greatness

Yet my digression had led my mind astray and I feel the pull of the tales of the bold creeping in

When this moment was chosen, with a setting sun and little else to capture the time

I chose to drop my anchor and spin a carefully woven tapestry of an ancient tome


Firmly rooted in myth and legend lies the story of a woman, no, a goddess who walks among us

Centuries of men have testified to her sight, ethereal and exotic, yet as human as they

But never doth a single line of text reveal the name of this lady who carries the grace of heaven

Tis told she walks on the very wisps of the wind, her steps never touching the bare earth

Her eyes are often described as deep blue, like an endless ocean, yet warm and full of life

And to hold her vision in your sight for but a second of two brought warmth down to the very soul

Nature Goddess

Her skin, the writers note, is like the petals of a rose, with a softness you can see from afar

And her hair, lengthy, dark and full of body, with curls upon waves upon flows, full and lively

Yet, the reporting was always different, yet always the same, yet always a bit different

For like the rising sun, the glow of this beauty never cast the same light nor the same shadow

And it has been asked by men who travelled the lands of continents lost and forgotten

Tell us the name of this queen, so that we only might offer her our words, and our touch

Forest BeautySave, she has walked for the millennium and perhaps more, gathering bits and leaving others

For her salvation lies with finding her moment in time, the space where she chooses to be

That airy carpet which caresses her gilded feet will give way and dissipate for her to ground

Humble I am when moments of happening are upon me my darling, for I know when truth is truth

And to tell you without trepidation that my soul gathers warmth just in your very presence

To say I feel a strong breeze slip across the floor as it leaves this place causes me a bit of madness

Moon goddess

For on this simple landing, I beseech you to whisper the one thing which so many have yearned

I am mesmerized by the radiance you project as is the warmth, it brings me absolute peace

Your smile carries every moment of purity that life had ever granted to the race of men

And I do confess that the universe could be forever lost and again found deep in your eyes

For I hesitate to inquire just the fact on why the goddess has chosen to become earthly her and now

Yet my conscious tells me that name which so many have searched for in vain, it is………beautiful


Author’s Note

True love lasts for many lifetimes and across all boundaries.  Reincarnation is something all lover’s should not only believe in, but expect and anticipate.   Why else travel across time?

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