A Thousand Lifetimes


    Gypsy Goddess

Gardenia and Jasmine, pure Sandalwood, rich Cedar, and Neroli

Ancient sounds of music from the Far East fill my head with their rhythms

My soul reaches out to draws raw energy from your hypnotic gaze

In my mind, I watch you dance for me my darling, slowly…erotically

Your stillness unsettling, as the dance emerges from your eyes

A single tendril of hair flutters, shattering the trance you’ve captured me in

The scents of a thousand years weave a delicate tapestry

Eternities pass in a brief moment as infinite worlds silently collide

Your sultry dusky eyes, locked on me in an ethereal grip

Beckoning me, teasing me, and welcoming me

The window to your soul offers a splinter of light

Your past lives blur my memories

Across many lifetimes and many worlds

Your creation and rebirth the pillars of your existence

You are what you once were and what you shall become

A dark and mysterious princess, veiled but for whom

A tigress, conqueror of egos, eons, and energy

Giving nary an inch and reaching, always reaching for something more

Stealthy and seductive, an animalistic primitive hunger of passion burns deeps within you

Your eyes cast both a reflection and a shadow

As a shield and also an invitation

You’ve been called by many things my love

Apothecary, witch, temptress, rebel

Outcast, slave, gypsy, and thief of hearts

These any many more your legacy

Your soul is layered and deep, deeper than most eyes could ever see

The purest beauty will always be in the eyes of those that are living in the present

But carry their lifetimes in each breath, each heartbeat, and each moment


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