2022 Pagan Celebration Days, Full Moon & Zodiac Calendar


Our 2022 calendar includes traditional pagan celebration dates, full and new moon dates, noteworthy astrological events, zodiac periods, Asatru, Celtic Tree months, and a few other references. This 2022 calendar is shown in Mountain Standard Time (USA).

2022 Pagan Calendar
Quadrantids Meteor Shower


2nd            New Moon (11:35 AM, MST)

3rd/4th    Quadrantids Meteor Shower (considered to be one of the best annual meteor showers with about 40 per hour) – this will be a very dark night so viewing will be excellent since its close to a new moon.  The peak viewing time will be 2:40 PM, MST

14th           Mercury becomes retrograde (4:41 AM, MST)

17th           Full Wolf Moon (4:51 PM, MST)  Traditionally, this full Moon was called the Wolf Moon because it appeared in the night sky when the wolves howled outside the villages in hunger.

19th           Zodiac Period of Capricorn ends

20th          Celtic Tree Month of Birch ends

20th          Zodiac Period of Aquarius begins

21st           Celtic Tree Month of Rowan begins

29th          Venus becomes progressive (1:45 AM, MST)

31st           Disting/Disablot
Also called “Charming of the Plough/Plow” after the Anglo-Saxon spell and ceremony

31st          New Moon (10:49 PM, MST)

2022 Pagan Calendar 2022


1st/2nd          Imbolc

1st                   Chinese New Year (Year of the Yang Water Tiger)

3rd                 Mercury becomes progressive (9:12 PM, MST)

15th                Roman Holiday of Lupercalia

16th                Full Snow Moon (9:59 AM, MST)  This moon was named due to the month of February always heavy snowfall.

17th                Celtic Tree Month of Rowan ends

18th                Celtic Tree Month of Ash begins

18th                Zodiac Period of Aquarius ends

19th                Zodiac Period of Pisces begins

2022 calendar


2nd         Mercury-Saturn Conjunction – Even without a telescope you’ll see not only the conjunction low above the horizon, but you’ll also see Venus and Mars higher up to the right.

2nd         New Moon (10:38 AM, MST)

17th        Celtic Tree Month of Ash ends

18th        Celtic Tree Month of Alder begin

18th        Full Worm Moon (1:20 AM, MST) Traditionally this moon name comes from the earthworms being seen in the warming spring soil.

20th       Ostara

20th       Spring Equinox

20th       Zodiac Period of Pisces ends

21st         Zodiac Period of Aries begins

2022 Calendar


1st                     Roman Holiday of Veneralia

1st                     New Moon (12:27 AM, MST)

14th                  Celtic Tree Month of Alder ends

15th                  Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins

16th                  Full Pink Moon (12:57 PM, MST) The April full moon ushered in the wild ground phlox; one of the earliest spring wildflowers.

19th                  Zodiac Period of Aries ends

20th                 Zodiac Period of Taurus begins

22nd                Yggdrasil Day

22nd/23rd      Lyrids Meteor Shower  The Lyrids is one of the oldest known meteor showers, being observed for more than 2,700 years.  The peak volume is about 20 per hour, but these meteors are known for their luminosity and speed, so it’s a great show.

29th                 Pluto becomes retrograde (11:50 AM, MST)

30th                 Walpurgisnacht

30th                 New Moon (2:30 PM, MST)

30th                 Partial Solar Eclipse (2:42 PM, MST maximum eclipse)

2021 calendar - blood moon


1st              Beltane

6th/7th     Eta Aquarid Meteors will peak at 2:00 AM, MST and with a crescent moon, star watchers may see up to 45 meteors per hour.

10th           Mercury becomes retrograde (5:46 AM, MST)

12th           Celtic Tree Month of Willow ends

13th           Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins

15th           Full Blood (Flower) Moon (10:15 PM, MST) Traditionally the flower moon was because of the abundance of wildflowers everywhere, but because it will be a total lunar eclipse, the moon will look a bloody red color.

15th           Total Lunar Eclipse (11:28 PM, MST maximum eclipse)

20th          Zodiac Period of Taurus ends

21st           Zodiac Period of Gemini begins

30th          New Moon (5:32 AM, MST)

2022 Calendar


3rd                   Mercury becomes progressive (1:59 AM, MST)

4th                    Saturn becomes retrograde (3:46 PM, MST)

9th                    Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn ends

10th                  Annual Solar Eclipse

10th                  Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins

14th                  Full Strawberry Moon (5:52 AM, MST) This is the time to gather wild ripened strawberries and other berries across the northern part of the country.

20th                  Zodiac Period of Gemini ends

21st                  Litha/Midsummer/Midsummarblot

21st                 Summer Solstice  (Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 3:14 A.M. MST )

21st                   Zodiac Period of Cancer begins

28th                  Neptune becomes retrograde (1:54 AM, MST)

28th                  New Moon (8:53 PM, MST)

2022 Calendar


7th                  Kupala Night

7th                  Celtic Tree Month of Oak ends

8th                  Celtic Tree Month of Holly begins

13th                Full Buck Moon (12:38 PM, MST)  The month when a buck’s antlers were in full bloom.

22nd              Zodiac Period of Cancer end

23rd               Zodiac Period of Leo begins

28th               New Moon (11:55 AM, MST)

28th               Jupiter becomes retrograde (2:37 PM, MST)

28th/29th    Delta Aquariids Meteor shower is usually tougher to see, but this year’s shower may be more special than usual as the new moon occurs on the same night; the dark skies promise optimal viewing conditions.

2022 Calendar


1st           Lammas

1st           Freysblot

4th          Celtic Tree Month of Holly ends

5th          Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins

11th         Full Sturgeon Moon  (7:36 PM, MST)  It was said that sturgeon fish in some of the big waters could be most readily caught this month.

13th        Perseids Meteor shower – this show is not to be missed; one of the top celestial events of the year.

22nd       Zodiac Period of Leo ends

23rd        Zodiac Period of Virgo begins

24th        Uranus becomes retrograde (7:54 AM, MST)

27th        New Moon (2:16 AM, MST)

2022 Calendar


1st            Celtic Tree Month of Hazel ends

2nd          Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins

9th           Mercury becomes retrograde (9:38 PM, MST)

10th         Full Harvest Moon (3:58 AM, MST)  This full moon is directly tied to the harvest of crops.

22nd        Zodiac Period of Virgo ends

22nd        Mabon

22nd        Autumn Equinox

22nd        Haustblot

23rd         Zodiac Period of Libra begins

25th         New Moon (3:54 PM, MST)

27th         Mercury becomes Retrograde

29th         Celtic Tree Month of Vine ends

30th        Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins

2022 Calendar


2nd           Mercury becomes progressive (3:07 AM, MST)

8th            Pluto becomes progressive (3:47 PM, MST)

8th/9th    Draconid Meteor Shower

9th             Full Hunter’s Moon (2:54 PM, MST)  Hunters would take to the forests to hunt for fattened game to store before winter came.

11th            Saturn Retrograde ends

14th           Vetrablot

18th           Mercury Retrograde ends

18th           Jupiter Retrograde ends

22nd          Saturn becomes Progressive (10:07 PM, MST)

22nd          Zodiac Period of Libra ends

23rd          Zodiac Period of Scorpio begins

25th           New Moon (4:48 AM, MST)

25th           Partial Solar Eclipse (5:00 AM, MST maximum eclipse)

27th           Celtic Tree Month of Ivy ends

28th           Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins

30th           Mars becomes retrograde (7:24 AM, MST)

31st            Samhain

31st            Vetrnaetr

2022 Calendar


8th                Full Blood (Beaver) Moon (4:02 AM, MST)  Beaver’s would finish their lodges and retreat inside for the remainder of the winter during November.

8th                Total Lunar Eclipse (3:59 AM, MST maximum eclipse)

17th/18th     The Leonids Meteor shower is known for fireballs, which have more flair than your average meteor.

21st               Zodiac Period of Scorpio ends

22nd             Zodiac Period of Sagittarius begins

23rd              New Moon (3:57 PM, MST)

23rd              Jupiter becomes progressive (4:02 PM)

23rd              Celtic Tree Month of Reed ends

24th              Celtic Tree Month of Elder begins

2022 Calendar


3rd          Neptune becomes progressive (5:18 PM, MST)

5th           Krampusnacht

7th           Full Cold Moon (9:09 PM, MST)  Temperatures are dropping, reminding people that winter is here to stay for a few more months.

12th         The Geminids Meteor Shower of 2022 may produce up to 150 meteors per hour at peak.  They will be at their maximum on December 12 at 7:00 AM, MST, but the entire day and night of December 12 should make for excellent viewing.

17th         Roman Holiday of Saturnalia

19th         Venus Retrograde begins

21st          Yule

21st          Winter Solstice

21st          Zodiac Period of Sagittarius ends

22nd        Zodiac Period of Capricorn begins

23rd         Celtic Tree Month of Elder ends

23rd         New Moon (3:17 AM, MST)

24th         Celtic Tree Month of Birch begins

29th         Mercury becomes retrograde (2:31 AM, MST)

References to 2022 Calendar Events

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