What Is and What Might Be



Walk with me my love, for it seems as if it has been sometime that we strolled together.

Take nothing, empty your mind and plant your foot firmly on the path ahead of you.

I shall make no promise nor request one from you, for it is not in my power to do so.

Ask yourself, what is so invisible as what tomorrow might offer both of us?

Keep this thought nested inside of your mind and imagine you are the wind.

Yeah, this will keep your soul free as we walk, my hand nestled within yours.

Have we come this far on our journey together to simply watch and not say a word?

Yes, my mind speaks to me and says we have, how pray-tell doth your soul speak to you?

I am watching our world unfold around us like a mountain stream emptying into a pool.

The souls of those we know floating gently, each touching one another at different moments.

Take care to listen to me as I pour my thoughts into the water and gaze at the ripples they make.

The black granite stones surrounding the pool stand unmoved, damp from the waves.

Stare into the surface of the pool and seek the answers to all of your eternal questions.

Watch as the tiniest new soul floats ever so gracefully, wrapping himself around the others.

His dance is one learned from you my darling, for you have made him everything he is.

Stand on the banks of this eternal body of water and remember each moment of your life.

Do you remember the taste of that first kiss, when my lips touched your and the magic flowed?

Can you think back to the way you felt when my words first touched your heart?

Those thoughts are most precious and I bid you to keep them at hand in times of sorrow.

It is your good fortune to always feel the dazzling hues of the sun warming your face.

How I yearn to reach out right now, at this very moment, and gently touch your soft skin.

Come now, let us walk a little bit more; concentrate on how the warm soil yields to your heels.

Unfold your eyes and glance down, for you will see the feet and toes that have carried you here.

Do they speak a story to you and does it add a new chapter with each step you take?

Can you picture the rocky path that we must climb to reach this place where we are walking?

It is but for a few mortal men and women to journey upon, for it has many twists and turns.

Without those challenges, it would not be a walk worth taking, for all could easily make the trip.

I must confess that I too have felt like there were moments when I feared slipping to my end.

Yet you were there at those times, reaching out your hand to embrace mine and give me a hold.

Place this thought near the top of your mind my love, as I will always be there for you too.

Wrap yourself tightly within the confines of my loving arms and you shall never fall.

Let us rest for but a moment, take a deep breath and drink deeply from that mountain pool.

Lie back and rest your weary head upon my lap and let me sing to you until you are asleep.

As you drift, remember that my love for you is eternal, never wavering, never compromising.



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As a hopeless romantic at heart, Ralph indulges in romantic poetry, but also allows his mind time to wonder across all subjects.A master of vocabulary and word-use, Ralph has a writing style that gives his works their own life, often giving his readers just enough information that they end up doing additional research on his subject matter.
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