Psychic Vampires

psychic vampires

Psychic Vampires


It’s the energy that we seek

Static, raw, brazenly bright

Riding the lightning

Charged by the sense of power


We squabble amongst ourselves

The three who exist as one

Each vying for the most

The greed apparent


Front, side, and rear

We’ll come at you unsuspecting

You’ll call us friend, or lover

Ultimately foe


Time is our ally

We measure the moments

Slowly at first, tiny bites

You succumb to our ways


Exploiting your fears

Your moments, your, everything

We silently drink our fill

Yet, you remain


Soon fatigue will grip you

Nagging, then concerning

Rest does no good

Restless and unsettled


Heaviness of existence

We smile and offer cheer

For the drops few that remain

Choice, primal, and dear


Rest while we finish the job

Imagine if you can

Can you see the three?

Or is it just me?


Consume and repeat

The hosts are nameless

It’s the energy we seek

Parasitic yes, but necessary


Do you have the eyes?

Ones that clearly see

Can you break away?

Will you ever be free?


A psychic vampire is known by many names including, energy vampire, emotional vampire, or sexual vampire.  Instead of blood, they feeds on the life force of other human beings, consuming energy at such a rapid pace that it almost always leaves the victim in a state of unexplained exhaustion.  There are two distinct schools of thought surrounding psychic vampire feeding habits namely whether its a conscious act or unconscious.  A person who seemingly drains everyone around them without trying is the poster child of those who support the unconscious theory;  there mere presence is tiring and they often feed through a high level of demanding attention.  The other side of the class, well they feel psychic vampires are aware of what they are doing and use their victims for extended periods, draining them slowly over time until there is nothing but a husk remaining, at which point they move on to another victim.



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