March, 2018 – Blue Moon Release and Anchoring Ceremony


The first full moon of March was the Worm Moon – on that night we took time to learn some wisdom from one of the smallest creatures on the planet, the earthworm.  We also cleansed ourselves with a three smudge ceremony.  Now on this second full moon, we will focus on utilizing the gifts of Mother Earth to assist us in improving our lives.

This blue moon is in the sign of Libra and will deliver copious amounts of lunar energy to work with.  It is a time to review everything in your life, with the intention of finding balance.  As Spring progresses, our lives will go through a dramatic shift; no longer will we focus on indoor chores, but instead take up spade and hoe and prepare the soil for planting, spend hours cleaning up from winter, and spend time enjoying the weather.  In the past month, we’ve invested time in cleansing and re-birthing our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves and yet still may feel slightly off balance.  This full moon provides the energy we need to dig even deeper within ourselves to find the root of our imbalance.  It will take work to accomplish, but work that will provide benefits beyond compare.  Tonight, we seek clarity.

The Blue Moon on March 31st will be the last one until October 31st, 2020.

What You’ll Need For This Ritual

Throughout the ceremony, you’ll see text in < > – these are instructional steps and are not spoken aloud

You’ll need the following items:

A Broom – preferably of natural materials
Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle – I prefer a three wick candle to symbolize the triple Goddess
Paper and pencil for each participant
Assorted herbs, foliage, or other plant sections
Fire pit or cauldron suitable for safely burning small objects and paper
Gold God Candle


<This ritual requires advance notice to anyone who might be participating as they will need to bring a few things of their choosing.>

Bring two crystals or stones. One crystal will be buried, to hold and then release through a permanent grounding, of what you need to overcome. This will be known as your Release Stone, so choose it wisely. The other stone will be kept as a touchstone and meditation tool; something you carry with you regularly. This stone will be known as your Anchoring Stone.  Choose what feels right to you. It can be complex or it can be a stone from your garden or the beach.  It’s fine as long as it has significance to you and is purposed for the task at hand.

Bring any lengths of fresh or dried herbs for bundling – gather them in preparation before the event begins.  On a small piece of paper, write your wishes for the upcoming period of 2 ½ years (until the next blue moon) – this paper will be bound inside of your herb bundle.

Ritual Begins

<Use your broom in a sweeping method and walk the perimeter of the circle clockwise saying the statement below>

“Sweep out evil, sweep out ill, where we work the Lady’s will.
Besom, besom, Lady’s Broom, Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom.
Witch’s broom swift in flight, Cast out darkness, bring in light.
Earth be hallow, air be pure, fire burn bright, as water cures.
A sacred bridge this site shall be, as I will, so mote it be.”

Call the Quarters

Hail Mighty Ones of the Eastern Tower. Guard this circle tonight
Powers of Air weave the round, between the worlds that power bound
Till I send it back, the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast <light yellow candle>

Hail Mighty Ones of the Southern Tower. Guard this circle tonight
Powers of Fire weave the round, between the worlds that power bound.
Cleanse our world, burn our fears,  Guardians keep the sacred flames near <light red candle>

Hail Mighty Ones of the Western Tower. Guard this circle tonight
Powers of Water weave the round, between the worlds that power bound.
Wash our wounds and quench our thirst, Guardians stand for us; the first <light blue candle>

“Hail Mighty Ones of the Northern Tower. Guard this circle tonight
Powers of Earth weave the round, between the worlds that power bound.
Give blessings to each plant, to each stone, Guardians keep us safe at home

I call to the God. Spark of the Spirit Eternal,
Shining benefactor of the Sun’s rays, who walks with us through all our days,
Into this circle, I invoke you, to bless and guide all that we do.
Hail and welcome <light gold candle>

I call to the Goddess. Beauty of the Green Earth,
Shimmering reflection of the Moon’s light, she who guides us through the dark of night,
Into this circle, I invoke you. To bless and guide all that we do
Hail and welcome <light Goddess (white) candle>

Release and Anchoring

Each of you has chosen two stones or crystals that will serve as your release and anchoring stones.  Tonight they will serve you well to channel your energies and strengthen your intentions.

Place both of your stones in front of you on the ground.  Let them become part of the circle, part of the flames burning, part of the air moving all around us, part of the water flowing from the melting snow, and part of Mother Earth herself

Take your release stone in your non-dominant hand and close your eyes in a prayer of intention – look to the wisdom of the Goddess, as she may offer you a vision of what is holding you back in your life, for only you can see the truth inside of yourself – let the voice who speaks to you guide you and ignore the voice which supports what you show outwardly to others.  You will know what you need to let go of – focus on those things and repeat in your mind, “I consciously choose to release…………..” – do this as many times as you feel necessary but in each and every instance, send that intention into the stone of release as you are charging it with negative energy.

When you have it charged, say aloud – “and it is so.”  The crystal or stone will grow heavy in your hand as your fill it with negative energy, but be strong and do not drop your guard.  At this moment, that stone or crystal is a powerful magickal item and must be handled with utmost care.  Keep it firmly closed in your hand

Using your dominant hand, grasp the the Anthame and open a seam in the earth deep enough for you to bury the stone completely – saying aloud – “I willingly release all that no longer serves me” – then place the stone deep in the ground and bury it with your hands.

Next, take the anchoring stone in your dominant hand; as you are now ready to draw positive energy from the earth and the natural world around you using the stone as your conduit and collector.  Begin to build its power by repeating in your mind, “I consciously choose to anchor……in my life.”  And when you feel you have filled the stone with positive power, say out loud, “and so it is”  The stone will be as light as the very air around you, so hold tight lest it take flight into the stars.  Hold your hand high above your head and open it to the light of the moon – offer your own thanks to the moon for the protective cover offered during this part of the event.

Repeat after me – “In this most sacred night of the full blue moon, we give praises to the power of nature!  We honor our Gods and our Goddesses and ask for their sacred blessings upon these Anchoring Stones!”

<the following verse is the charging spell – the final step – lead the congregation in saying it with intention>

Full of power, locked inside
Like a compass, be my guide
Anchor me upon these lands
Help me heal, use my hands
Give me strength, when I am weak
Teach me that, for which I seek
Help me when I’m balancing
This sacred stone, my talisman

This stone should be kept with you or in a sacred place, such as on your home altar, when you are not in possession of it.  Allow it to remind you of the things you want in life, use it in meditations and keep the connection to its energy open.  Some days it will act as a battery and you can recharge yourself with it.  Other days it will be your conscious and keep you from straying, and still others it could be for luck.  Have faith and trust in the anchoring stone as it will guide you if you let it.  You may see radical changes in your near distant future, but don’t be alarmed as you invoked those changes.

Spreading your Wishes

With so much wonderful positive energy inside the circle, we’d like to ask that everyone share just a little bit with the rest of the world through the creation of wish wands.  Write down things you want to gift the world in the form of a wish – give the words intent that they will have the power to come true for someone you haven’t met yet.  Keep them to yourself. Wrap your wishes in nature’s goodness and tie them up.

Repeat after me “Under the light of this blue moon, we offer the world our wishes, each unspoken but true.  Great Goddess, under the light of this blue moon, we offer you thanks for the healing herbs that you have provided.  Great God, under the light of this blue moon, we beseech you to give us guidance to walk our chosen path without wavering.”

Cast your bundles into the fire and meditate as they are consumed by the flames – watch as wishes you made are given wings to fly in all directions, sharing good fortune and happiness with the rest of the world

Closing the Blue Moon Circle

To all those in the Northern sphere, I release you now, depart from here
I give thanks to all of thee. Depart in peace, and blessed be <extinguish green candle>

To all those in the Western sphere, I release you now, depart from here
I give thanks to all of thee. Depart in peace, and blessed be <extinguish blue candle>

To all those in the Southern sphere, I release you now, depart from here.
I give thanks to all of thee. Depart in peace, and blessed be <extinguish red candle>

To all those in the Eastern sphere, I release you now, depart from here.
I give thanks to all of thee. Depart in peace, and blessed be <extinguish yellow candle>

We give thanks to the God for guarding this circle and consecrating this rite. Hail and farewell                       <extinguish Gold God candle>

We give thanks to the Goddess for guarding this circle and sharing the blessings of both the earth and the blue moon Hail and farewell <extinguish White Goddess candle>

<take your broom in hand once again and walk counterclockwise around the circle stating the verses below>

Circle Round, be Unbound, as I make my way around.
I now Dissolve this Sacred Space and release the Powers to their place.

Circle Round, be Unbound, as I make my way around.
Stay if you can, go if you must, with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Circle Round, be Unbound, as I make my way around.
Our Work is finished for the Night so now we end this Magick Rite!


Gypsy’s Note

If your looking for pagan rituals, please click this link – it goes my Ritual Archive page on this site


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