Ghost in the Night



The icy winds howled through the night

A draft extinguished all but one light

That single candle was my only guide

As I dared for a moment to gaze outside

The branches strewn across the darkened hollow

The wind swirled the leaves, I fearfully swallowed

My sight fixed on the wood line below

A glimpse of wispy white, pure like the snow

It floated I swear, not touching the ground

Passing through trees, not making a sound

Its pathway became clear as it grew in my sight

My hovel, and me, as I fell into fright

To hide like a coward would do little good

For this specter could easily move through the wood

So I gathered my courage and stood very stout

I shivered inside almost making a shout

As the time slowly passed I shuddered with fear

I knew now that my demise would soon appear

Transparent it looked, I was amazed

Laughing aloud, now feeling crazed

Insanity must be right at my door

For a ghost it was, I was certainly sure

As I spun in my head with a wobbly rage

Wishing for something, some way to be saved

At my door it now stood and I heard a loud boom

In moments I knew it would enter my room

Stiff in my steps, I understood my chore

Moving like lead I walked to the door

Turning the knob I stared at the sight

And the realization hit me like a thief in the night

Twas no spirt from below to take me to meet

The sound was so clear, the voice so neat

My neighbor’s kid dressed up in a sheet

Holding a bag and yelling “trick or treat”

trick or treat


Owner/Admin at The Gypsy Thread
As a hopeless romantic at heart, Ralph indulges in romantic poetry, but also allows his mind time to wonder across all subjects.A master of vocabulary and word-use, Ralph has a writing style that gives his works their own life, often giving his readers just enough information that they end up doing additional research on his subject matter.
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