Ghost Fish sighting


Ghost FishThe Mariana Trench, one of the last undiscovered places on earth holds many a secret.  Recently a new species of jellyfish was identified in the trench and now the first sightings of the infamous Ghost Fish.  This eel-like creature is roughly four inches in length with a tadpole-like tail, and a white, nearly translucent skin.  The eye size of this fish were very small,  unsurprisingly and its body is gelatinous with no indication of scales.  The Ghost Fish is being heralded as a major discovery.

Ghost Fish

The fish belongs to the Aphyonida family but up until now, no member of that family had ever been observed alive.  Ghost Fish have been found dead and scientists were not able to learn much from them.  Luckily a recent research mission picked up the alive specimen on film at a depth of 8200 feet below sea level.  The living fish has started debate in the scientific community including where its main habit really is.

Ghost Fish

The Mariana Trench located in the Western Pacific near Guam hosts the deepest place on planet earth.  Recently the area has been the focus of high profile voyages to conquer its deepest point, Challenger Deep.  The goals of this research are to answer important questions about Earth’s largest and least explored habitat.  Scientists want to understand the organisms that live there and how life adapts to these extreme conditions deep beneath the sea.

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