Pagan Poetry



Litha Rejoice in the light Measure the day by its length Place a hand on the warmth Fulfillment, celebration, climax The Goddess, her belly…

Searching for Faeries


With an open mind and freedom of thought Upon the wayward path I trod For seeking Faeries, twas my ambition Purposeful, expecting bundled fruition…

psychic vampires

Psychic Vampires


  It’s the energy that we seek Static, raw, brazenly bright Riding the lightning Charged by the sense of power   We squabble amongst…



Purgatory We’re everywhere Lost in the field of vision of the living Shadowy, held in check by the veil We peer through the shifting…

Soul Contract


Soul Contract Contract signed in blood Demon at the crossroads Bargaining with your soul What’s it value, some say They rather trade it away…

Belladonna Gone Wrong


Belladonna…. Eternal slumber is whispering Tis that frightening moment when Paralysis creeps in on the wind Speech slurred, vision filling with clouds Your body…