Burning Man – Poetic Participation



A surrealist landscape rises from the desert

Hardened sand in evolutionary revolutions

Guided by the hands of many artists and creators

Here is where dreamers and doers convergence

Collectively giving rise to an eclectic community

A vast expanse of humankind bordered by nothingness

Come one, come all, every soul is welcome

Merely to arrive, that is your admission

Stake your claims among the townspeople

Meander among the effigies and their energies

Citizens of Black Rock City, old and new unite

Abandon your worldly attachments as you enter

Open your mind and step through the veil

You’ll find not a public advertisement here

Nor sponsorships, or currency driven marketing

Here all things have trade value and some are free

Almost all things, you may invest in coffee or ice at will

Your government sponsored currency devalued

But for the Burning Man, we have nothing

United by common actions, not common ideals

Radical participation, unashamed and always in person

It’s the only way to reach enlightened transformation

A proving ground for self-reliance

Cooperate, collaborate, and participate

Consumption is no substitution for existence

If you need someone to explain it, you’ve missed it

The art of creating art and becoming art is practiced here

Not just to create, but to appreciate and contemplate

And finally, to gather with the multitudes and watch it burn




The Burning Man annual festival is raw, diverse, and certainly an eye-opening experience.  Last year attendance was over 70,000 and it’s expected to continue to grow in the future.  2016 marks the 30th anniversary for the event and the signature event held the final night…burning “the man” is expected to be epic.  For more information on this event, check out the official website.

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