Amazing new jellyfish discovered



With a look that’s part robot, part animation, part spider and alltogether amazing, scientists have discovered yet another new species of jellyfish.  Images were captured beneath the surface of the sea at the Enigma Seamount in the Mariana Trench using a special remote-operated vehicle called Deep Discoverer. The red and yellow lights that glow within its body give this ambush-predator a robotic look.  The creature has two sets of thin tentacles, one set being shorter than the other that extend from its abdomen.  Based on the shape of the creature and its movements, scientists have determined it’s an ambush-predator; it waits almost motionless for prey to come near and strikes.  The colors certainly would attract the curious sea creature.

Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the worlds oceans; located in the western Pacific Ocean near the Mariana islands.  It reaches a depth of 6.8 miles and due to the extreme pressure has not been explored much except with remote operated vehicles.  There have been discoveries of micro-organisms at the deepest parts, but the sea life is mostly unknown.

A video is available on CNN

Jellyfish are gelatinous animals which drift through the sea and are found worldwide.  The have existed for 500 million years and new species are discovered frequently.  They are carnivorous and will eat just about anything.



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